Mars Pathfinder Image Browser Applet

This historic applet is now available for IcedTea-Web on OpenJDK 11: Mars Pathfinder Imagefinder Applet

To run it, you need to install one of the free available OpenJDK 11 builds and in addition one of the free builds of Iced-Tea, the open implementation of JSR-56, better known as Java Web Start.
After installing those, the following command will start the Image Browser:

Further technical information about running such old Java applets without code change on modern Java versions without the browser plugin: Migrating Browser-Based Java Applets to IcedTea-Web using JNLP

Mars Pathfinder images courtesy of JPL/NASA/Caltech.
All images taken from the three Pathfinder CD-ROMs, available online at Mars Pathfinder Online Data Volumes.

Browser-based access to Pathfinder raw data: PDS Image Atlas

The applet is 260 kBytes large, as it loads the complete index file for all 16661 images taken by Pathfinder.
The download time on a 33kbit/s Modem line is about 1 minute.
Please wait 10-20 seconds after the Applet started for creating the image-index.

If you want to use the optional image saving function to local directory /tmp, you have to add the following lines to your .java.policy file manually or via

grant codeBase "*" {
  permission "/tmp/-", "write,delete";
  permission "/tmp/*", "write,delete";
  permission "c:\tmp/*", "write,delete";
  permission "c:\temp/*", "write,delete";
  permission "${/}tmp${/}-", "write";

Applet originally created by Holger Isenberg, 1999-12-23.
Last update of applet JAR file: 2000-01-02
Holger Isenberg
web (at)