Viking Lander Image Browser Help

This help page is intended to explain the various components of the Viking Lander image browser and to explain how they are related to each other. It also explains how to navigate through the browser.

There are 5 types of pages in this Viking Lander image browser.

Top Page
The top page is the starting point for the browser. It has some general information about the browser organization. From the top page, you can access the data dictionary page, the help page, or one of the image directory pages. You can return to the top page from any other page by using the top button.

Data Dictionary Page
The data dictionary page contains definitions of keywords in the PDS label of the archive products. The data dictionary page can be accessed from the top page. The definition of a specific keyword in the data dictionary can be viewed by selecting the keyword name on a browse image page.

Help Page
The help page is the page you are currently reading. It can be accessed from any other page by using the help button.

Image Directory Page
Each image directory page contains a list of browse images in that directory. Browse images are organized in the same directory structure as the archive products (see the AAREADME.TXT file in the top-level directory of the CD-ROM for more information on the directory structure). Any image directory page can be accessed from the top page or another image directory page. The image directory page for the currently displayed browse image can also be accessed from that browse image page by using the up-arrow button.

Browse Image Page
Each browse image page displays a single Viking Lander browse image, navigation buttons, and selected keywords and values from the PDS label for that image. A specific browse image can be selected from the list of images on an image directory page. You can also cycle through browse images in a given directory by using the left-arrow or right-arrow buttons on each browse image page.

There are 5 types of buttons on the various pages of this browser. Each button is illustrated below, along with a brief explanation of the button's function within the browser.

Go to the browser top page.
Go to this help page.
Display the previous browse image in the current directory.
Go back to the image directory page containing the current browse image.
Display the next browse image in the current directory.