The Pathfinder ImageFinder


This page is oudated. An improved version for usage without any Web-Browser Plugins is available here:

This Version of the Imagefinder is compatible to all Java 1.1 Internet-Browsers.
There is a drawback as you cannot save images with this version without creating a .java.policy file. See documentation for more info.

If you have a Java 1.2 or 1.3 capable Java-Machine, go to the Applet for Java-Plugins. It runs slightly faster.
Please wait 30 seconds after downloading the 260 kbytes applet-data.

Go to the Install Instructions if you want to use this Applet on your local computer for faster access.

last update: 07.Oct 2000

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ImageFinder Java-Applet (c) 1999 by Holger Isenberg

Pathfinder images courtesy of JPL/NASA/Caltech.
All images taken from the three Pathfinder CD-ROMs:
available online at NASA PDS Image Database and availabe as copy at National Space Science Data Center.

The applet is currently 260 kBytes large, as it loads the complete index file for all 16661 images taken by Pathfinder.
The download time on a 33kbit/s Modem line is about 1 minute.
Please wait 10-20 seconds after the Applet started for creating the image-index.

copyright (c) 1996-97, California Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.
Holger Isenberg
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